Apgar Scale: What score Represents the Healthiest Newborns?






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When a baby is born, it is important for doctors to determine how healthy that they are and if they require additional medical attention. To do this, a scale was set up called the Apgar scale. With this, doctors look at some important areas in relation to how the baby is behaving immediately after they are born.

With this test, doctors look at the appearance or complexion of the baby, the pulse rate, the activity level, the respiratory effort as well as the baby’s reflexes. This information allows the doctor to determine how ready the baby is to function on their own in the natural environment.

A-healthy-baby-will-range-between-7-and-10-on-the-Apgar-scaleA healthy baby will range between 7 and 10 on the Apgar scale. Any number in this range is considered to be healthy and no medical assistance will be needed. When babies range in the 4 to 6 group on this scale, this means that doctors will need to consider offering medical attention to the baby.

The worst case scenario when it comes to the Apgar scale is a baby that falls below level 3. At this point, immediate lifesaving attention will need to be given to the baby. This means that they are in distress and need help to survive in the environment outside of the womb.

Apgar Scale: What score Represents the Healthiest Newborns?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating