Different Treatments to Fight Thrush






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When you are looking to fight thrush, one of the most valuable changes that you can make is in your diet. There are particular foods that can cause thrush to flourish in the body and it is best to eliminate them if you are looking to protect yourself against thrush.

The first foods that you should eliminate are refined foods and sugars, especially those foods that contain refined carbohydrates. You should also lower the amount of foods that you consume that contain natural sugars, like wine, fruit and milk.

increase-the-amount-of-nuts-and-seeds-that-you-eat-to-fight-thrushThere are also foods that you can consume to help fight thrush. For example, eating plain yogurt that is unsweetened, olive oil, leafy vegetables and garlic will help to fight thrush. You can also increase the amount of nuts and seeds that you eat as well as whole grain cereals.

When you are bathing, drop a few drops of lavender, tea tree oil, or thyme to a warm bath and soak for several minutes. This will help to cure thrush when it does occur and will also help relieve discomfort caused from it. Grapefruit seed and Echinacea extract are also fantastic options to rely on when you are trying to fight thrush as well.

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