Fetal Alcohol Syndrome vs ADHD






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Fetal alcohol syndrome is something that is a direct result in a pregnant woman drinking alcohol while she is pregnant. This could lead to many issues for the baby. For example, they may be smaller when they are born. It is also possible for their nervous system to not form correctly or for them to have birth defects and learning disabilities.

While ADHD is also a learning disability, it is quite different from what is experienced when a baby has fetal alcohol syndrome. Research now shows that children who have ADHD have trouble retaining information. While this is also true for children with fetal alcohol syndrome, they actually have trouble learning the information in the first place.

Both-types-of-children-have-issues-when-they-are-trying-to-learnBoth types of children have issues when they are trying to learn. However, the problems that they face are very different. For this reason, many studies are taking place in order to determine the different issues that are faced by each child.

Learning more about these differences can help doctors to determine the best course of action when it comes to treatment. Since the conditions are very different, treatments are likely to be different as well. While children with ADHD may need assistance learning how to remember things, fetal alcohol syndrome children will need even more assistance with learning.

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