Meconium Aspiration Syndrome Treatment






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Treating meconium aspiration syndrome is an important thing to do because it can be very dangerous for a baby. It occurs when the baby inhales meconium before labor begins, during the labor process or even after the baby has been delivered.

Meconium is the stool that the baby produces based upon the items that it ingested before the baby was born. When this gets into the airway, it can make it hard for the baby to breathe. Usually, doctors will immediately suction the baby’s mouth when they can gain access to the head during delivery.

Treating-meconium-aspiration-syndrome-is-an-important-thing-to-do-because-it-can-be-very-dangerous-for-a-babyAfter the baby is born, a tube will then be placed in its trachea so that doctors can suction out the meconium. This will continue until all of the meconium has been removed. After this process, it is common for the baby to spend some time in the intensive care unit or nursery, especially if it has an infection.

Further treatment may also be required after the baby goes home from the hospital. For example, the baby may need further breathing treatments and blood tests later down the road in order to ensure that the baby is getting the right amount of oxygen. Since the lungs will develop new air sacs, the future will¬† likely look good for the baby’s lungs.

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