Neural Tube Defect: Chromosomal Abnormality






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When a baby has a neural tube defect, there is a chance that chromosomal abnormalities will surface. These are more likely to develop when the mother is older or how far along in the pregnancy that she is before the defect is detected. There can also be a higher chance if there are other structural abnormalities or if the family has a history of them.

The exact issue that is caused by the chromosomal abnormality will vary from one baby to the next. For example, one of the most common issues that the baby develops is spina bifida. However, there are also other items that could surface as well.

When-a-baby-has-a-neural-tube-defect-there-is-a-chance-that-chromosomal-abnormalities-will-surfaceThe best thing that parents can do to help determine if their baby has chromosomal abnormalities is to screen and test for these types of conditions. Doctors have the ability to test for a variety of different abnormalities that may be present.

Knowing if there is a possibility that these abnormalities are present can help doctors be able to treat the baby after it has been born. Children with these issues will require special care that may not be available at all hospitals. Knowing if there is an issue will help doctors be prepared for the best treatment.

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