Can I get Pregnant after Husband had Vasectomy?






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For couples who no longer want to have children, having a vasectomy is one of the best ways to permanently prevent pregnancy from occurring. If you are considering this, however, it is important that you don’t change your mind because it is an extremely difficult procedure to be reversed.

Studies show that men have the best chance of a successful reversal if the vasectomy was performed less than a year before the reversal. The longer the vasectomy has been in place, the less likely it will be successful when you attempt to reverse it.

having-a-vasectomy-is-one-of-the-best-ways-to-permanently-prevent-pregnancy-from-occurringIf your partner’s vasectomy cannot be reversed, there are still a few options available for becoming pregnant; all of which require donor sperm. The most cost-effective treatments is artificial insemination. With this process, donor sperm is inserted into your uterus when you are ovulating. This will give your egg the opportunity to become fertilized without sperm from your partner.

Another option is in-vitro fertilization. With this procedure you can use both donor eggs and sperm if required. These items are fertilized by doctors and the embryo is inserted directly into your uterus. One thing to keep in mind with this procedure is that it is rather expensive, especially if you have to buy both donor eggs and sperm.

Can I get Pregnant after Husband had Vasectomy?, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
  • jojojo80

    well i have a 11 month baby and i was in e mirena birth control and i been off alreaddy more then 1 month..& i havent qot preqnant??