Can I get Pregnant on Qlaira?






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Qlaira is a contraceptive that will make it extremely difficult to become pregnant. It works by disrupting your normal menstrual cycle. Every month, when a woman is not taking this pill, her body will produce an egg. This egg will mature until it is ready to be released by the ovaries.

After the egg is released, it will travel through the fallopian tube and into the uterus. Here, it will wait until it is either fertilized by sperm or expires. After the egg expires, the body will then shed the uterine lining that it prepared during the month in case the woman became pregnant.

Qlaira-is-a-contraceptive-that-will-make-it-extremely-difficult-to-become-pregnantWhen the lining is shed, the woman’s period will begin. This will start the cycle over once more. When a woman is taking qlaira, her body will think that she has just ovulated. This will completely prohibit the egg from maturing and being released. This is something that can also help make a woman’s periods less painful and lighter.

Another thing that qlaira effects is the actual lining of the uterus. When taking this pill, it will make the lining weaker, which will make it extremely difficult for the egg to attach if it is fertilized. This is the reason that it makes periods less painful. If you are looking to become pregnant, it is best to stop taking this prescription first.

Can I get Pregnant on Qlaira?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating