Can I get Pregnant with POF?






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Premature ovarian failure means that your ovaries are no longer working correctly. This can be a difficult condition to live with, especially if you are trying to become pregnant. In many instances, this type of condition will permanently make it impossible for a woman to become pregnant.

POF is similar to menopause because it affects the woman’s ovaries and their ability to function correctly. However, there are some cases where this condition can be reversed. The most common issue that is caused by this condition is a lack of an ovulation cycle which is caused when the egg follicles are no longer working correctly.

POF-is-similar-to-menopause-because-it-affects-the-womans-ovariesIf you find that you are not ovulating, you should talk to your doctor about treatment options. Even if you are not looking to become pregnant, it is important that you are treated for POF. It could lead to many other health concerns if it goes untreated.

Most women who do have POF will need to find alternate means of becoming pregnant other than trying to conceive naturally. This could mean procedures like in-vitro fertilization and other types of fertility treatments. In order to determine the best course of action, it is always best to speak with a fertility doctor.

Can I get Pregnant with POF?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating