Are fertility pills really Expensive?






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Some fertility pills can be very expensive, but it depends on the type and brand that you are selecting as well as a number of other factors. One of the most popular fertility drugs is Clomid. This pill is taken orally and is very helpful for women who are struggling to become pregnant due to ovulation.

While there are many insurance plans that will cover this pill for you, it can also be obtained fairly cheaply as well. The cost for it may vary, but typically it runs around $35 per cycle. This is a drug that most women can afford on their own even if it is not covered by their insurance provider.


There are also many other types of fertility pills and they all range in price from $35 per cycle to several thousand. Unfortunately, most insurance policies will not cover fertility drugs, past something simple like Clomid, and a couple will be left to pay for them on their own.

The price of fertility pills is definitely something that a couple should discuss with their doctor in order to find if there are any other options that may be helpful and less expensive. While fertility pills can be very expensive, there are more affordable options to consider.

Are fertility pills really Expensive?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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