Are there any Over-the-Counter Fertility Drugs?






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Fertility treatments are very expensive and some couples simply cannot afford them. If you are in this group who are desperately looking to have children of your own, but are unable to afford the treatments that are typically involved with fertility issues, you may be able to find relief on the shelves of your neighborhood pharmacy or drugstore.

Although these methods are not proven and may not be as effective as traditional fertility treatments, many have been used for centuries when women are struggling to have children. The following may be some items that you want to take a look at if you are struggling to become pregnant.

1. Black Cohosh

If you are struggling to produce strong and healthy eggs, Black Cohosh could be the answer for you. It will also stimulate your ovaries and has the power to eliminate some of the symptoms that you typically see with your normal menstrual cycle. This should only be taken while you are ovulating, so you will need to track your ovulation cycle carefully while you are taking this drug.

Black Cohosh (2)

2. Ovulex

Ovulex is effective in regulating your body so that it is functioning better overall. The downside of this pill is that it does take some time to work because it is working with your entire body. It helps you become pregnant by regulating your reproductive hormones that are directly responsible for the conception process.


You will need to monitor your ovulation cycle and have intercourse accordingly while you are taking Ovulex. It is also suggested that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise program.

3. Evening Primrose Oil

If you are having problems with your cervical mucus, Evening Primrose Oil may be extremely helpful. Although cervical mucus is not something that must be present in order to become pregnant, it can help guide and protect the sperm while it swims to its destination. Evening Primrose Oil can help make that journey a little easier by making sure that your cervical mucus is in the best shape for this journey.

Evening Primrose Oil

4. Volume Pills

It is also possible that your partner is having problems with fertility, although this is not often discussed with your doctor. Volume Pills can help increase the motility of the sperm as well as the quality and quantity of them. Although you may not be able to find these on the shelves in stores, they are available through a number of online outfits and you do not need a prescription to purchase them.

Volume Pills

5. Chasteberry

Chasteberry is one of the most popular over the counter fertility pills. It has been shown to help regulate the hormones in relation to the ovulation cycle as well as control symptoms that relate to the menstrual cycle. As these hormones become more regulated, so does your ovulation cycle.


You are able to predict the days when you will ovulate and will be able to time intercourse accordingly. The balanced hormones will also make it easier for you to become pregnant.

6. False Unicorn

False Unicorn is also very popular in the over the counter fertility drug industry. It has been found useful for both men and women and has benefits for both genders. With men it helps to improve the quantity and quality of the sperm and with women it can help to regulate the ovaries.

False Unicorn

This is another drug that you need to be cautious with because you should only take it after you have ovulated and should not take it if you learn that you are pregnant.

7. Maca Pills

If you are having issues with your libido, Maca Pills have been shown to help this area in both men and women. Men have also found that it helps raise their sperm count. For women, Maca Pills help to regulate their hormones so that they are able to have a better chance of becoming pregnant and tracking their ovulation cycle.

maca has been shown to improve the quality of a man’s sperm

8. Conclusion

There are many over the counter pills that can help give you a better chance of becoming pregnant. Many women have found that the pills listed above have helped them to become pregnant and you can easily find them in multiple locations, both online and in stores. It is important that you discuss your options with your doctor so that you know which options are best for you.

Ms. Belanger has 20 years of experience in women's healthcare and nursing, including labor and delivery, postpartum and antenatal. She is passionate toward improving both maternal and fetal outcomes of high-risk obstetrics patients.