What Are the Best Fertility Pills to Get Pregnant?






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When it comes to getting pregnant and trying to conceive, fertility pills are a very common and popular way to combat fertility problems. Fertility pills have come a long way over the years, and they are now a mainstream way of dealing with fertility issues.

While the most common fertility pills are definitely prescription medications, there are also some medications that are available over the counter as well. Read on for more information on fertility pills.

1. Clomid

Clomid is, by far, the most popular and common fertility drug on the market today. Clomid is an oral prescription medication that has been around for more than 30 years. It is very effective in most cases of use, and is extremely effective at inducing ovulation in women who were previously not ovulating.


Clomid is normally very affordable, which makes it a good option for women who might not have insurance. It usually runs about $40 for a one month supply. Clomid is only taken for 5 days each month. It is normally started on day 2, day 3, day 4 or day 5 of a woman’s period.

In most cases, Clomid can restore ovulation in as little as three months, usually in less than six months. The side effects of Clomid are also very minimal, which makes it a great choice.

2. Fertility Blends

For women who are unable or unwilling to try prescription fertility pills, there are other options available. Fertility blends are over the counter, nonprescription pills that contain several different fertility boosting ingredients. Fertility blends usually contain herbal remedies and supplements, vitamins and minerals.


One very popular brand of fertility blend is Conceive Easy. With these fertility blends, all of these popular fertility boosting ingredients are measured out for your convenience in each individual capsule. Many people love fertility blends because they are one of the few fertility supplements or fertility pills that you can get over the counter without a prescription.

With fertility blends, you can order them online from the comfort of your own home and you can have them delivered to your door. No fighting with an insurance company, no awkward doctor’s office visits, no long waiting room waits. Plus, fertility blends like Conceive Easy are all natural and contain no harmful chemicals, so you can be completely sure of what you are putting in your body.

3. Other Options

For the most part, there are not very many other options when it comes to fertility pills. Metformin is a prescription drug that is used for diabetes, but can also be helpful in regulating insulin levels in women with PCOS, which can in turn help them conceive.


Other women find that by taking a regular prenatal vitamin before getting pregnant, they can boost their fertility levels by taking care of any nutrient deficiencies that they might have had. Fertility pills are not as taboo as they used to be, and now many women find that taking a fertility pill is just what they need to give themselves a boost and get their fertility moving in the right direction.

Ms. Belanger has 20 years of experience in women's healthcare and nursing, including labor and delivery, postpartum and antenatal. She is passionate toward improving both maternal and fetal outcomes of high-risk obstetrics patients.