What Pills or Vitamins Can I Take to Get Pregnant with Twins?






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While some couples may cringe at the thought of becoming pregnant with twins, others may be extremely excited about the prospect and may even be trying to become pregnant with twins. If you are in this latter situation, you may be looking for vitamins or pills that can help you become pregnant with multiple babies and you will find that there are many that can increase your chances of becoming pregnant with twins.

However, it is important to realize that becoming pregnant with twins is not a guarantee and you will not be able to make sure that you will become pregnant with twins, regardless of what you do. But the pills listed below will help increase your odds and may help you to achieve the dream of having twins.

1. Clomid

Clomid is a popular fertility drug and has been shown to increase the chances of becoming pregnant with twins substantially. Although it only raises the chances slightly, there is an increased chance that multiple eggs will become fertilized and you will find that you have conceived twins.


This drug is typically given to women who are struggling to maintain a regular ovulation cycle and need something to help keep them regulated. It also helps to create healthier eggs, which may help sperm fertilize more than one.

2. Vitex – Chasteberry

Vitex is a natural drug that can help with the overall health of a woman’s reproductive system. It is often used to help with the menstrual cycle and can help a woman deal with the symptoms more easily. It can also help with overall fertility issues as well as many other medical issues that occur in women.


Although there is no proof that Vitex helps to conceive twins, it is more likely, especially if the woman is already at an increased chance to do so. It helps to regulate the ovulation cycle, making it more likely that the sperm will have the opportunity to fertilize more than one egg.

It is important that you are monitored regularly while you are taking Vitex and that you discontinue using it when you do become pregnant. Some serious side effect may be involved if you continue to take it while you are pregnant.

3. Follistim

Another drug that can help a woman become pregnant with twins is Follistim. This drug works similarly to Clomid, but may not be as effective in causing pregnancy as Clomid. However, many couples have tried it and have found it helpful in their specific situations.


Follistim helps to stimulate the follicles and encourages them to produce healthy mature eggs. There are chances that more eggs will be produced, which could lead to becoming pregnant with twins. It is approved to be used for a maximum of six months. There are also some side effects that are sometimes related to taking this drug.

4. Herbs

There are also many herbs and over the counter medications that have helped women become pregnant with twins in the past. These vitamins work by encouraging the body to release more than one egg and will help regulate your ovulation cycle. By knowing the best time to have intercourse, you will be increasing your chances of becoming pregnant and with the additional eggs that your body will be producing, you will have a better chance of becoming pregnant with twins.


5. Conclusion

It is important that you discuss any medications that you are taking or planning to take with your doctor. You should fully understand the risks that you are taking when trying to conceive twins and how you should take care of your body while you are looking to become pregnant.


One of the most important steps in becoming pregnant is focusing on the health of your body and keeping in communication with your doctor. Some herbs that you can take will need to be discontinued when you become pregnant. Likewise, some fertility drugs require special monitoring from a doctor in case side effects begin to surface.

Just remember, even though your chances of becoming pregnant with twins will increase with many of these drugs, there is no guarantee. It is important that you do not get your hopes up in such a way that you become disappointed if you become pregnant with only one baby.

What Pills or Vitamins Can I Take to Get Pregnant with Twins?, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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