Can I get Pregnant with Expired Implanon?






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For the most part, an expired implanon should continue working even after the expiration date. The reason for this is because it will continue to offer protection even though the hormones are dwindling down. However, there is an increased chance that they will not be affective if they are left in after the expiration date.

If you are looking to avoid pregnancy, an implanon is a highly effective tool that can help. It is something that is intended to prevent pregnancy for several years at a time, but can easily be removed if a woman changes her mind and is now ready to become pregnant.

an-expired-implanon-should-continue-working-even-after-the-expiration-dateThey are 99% effective while they are in place, but this effectiveness will begin to go down after they expire. If you find that you are pregnant and have an implanon device in place, it is important that the device is removed. If left in place, there is a greater chance that the pregnancy will result in a miscarriage.

For best results, it is always suggested that you should change out an implanon when they expire. This is the best way to ensure that you are able to avoid pregnancy and that the device remains effective.

Can I get Pregnant with Expired Implanon?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
  • Lachelle

    My nexplanon expired on the 17th of this month how soon after the experaiton date can I get pregnant?