Can I get Pregnant with Old Sperm?






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When looking to become pregnant, sperm is an important part of the process. Healthy sperm is needed so that the egg can become fertilized. It is always best if the sperm is fresh and new. However, there are times when older sperm can be used to create a pregnancy.

Sperm can live for about 72 hours in the body. If you ovulate within this timeframe, it is possible that this old sperm could cause you to become pregnant. Some women also rely on artificial insemination and use a donor. During this process, sperm is donated and inserted directly into the uterus of the woman when she is ovulating.

Healthy-sperm-is-needed-so-that-the-egg-can-become-fertilizedIt is important that sperm that is saved from a previous time is kept sterile and in a lab. If it is not saved properly, the sperm will not be useful at becoming pregnant. There are certain things that scientists are able to do to keep the sperm alive longer than the 72 hours.

If you are looking to become pregnant without medical intervention, you will need to have sex within 72 hours of the time you are ovulating. Sperm that is older than this will not be able to be used to create a pregnancy.

Can I get Pregnant with Old Sperm?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating