How can a Woman know if she can get Pregnant






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Getting pregnant. It’s something that most women take for granted. Once it is time to try to conceive, many women wonder if they are really fertile at all and if they are even able to have kids at all. So, how does a woman know if she can get pregnant?

Sometimes, when a woman thinks that she is unable to get pregnant, she hasn’t really been trying long enough for it to happen. Doctors say that women under 35 should try to get pregnant on their own for a full year before seeing a doctor.

For women over 35, who are more likely to have fertility issues, trying for six months is recommended. In the meantime, women can track their ovulation to make sure that they are ovulating regularly. By tracking ovulation, women will be able to plan for sex for the best chances of conceiving.

women-can-track-their-ovulation-to-make-sure-that-they-are-ovulating-regularlyThere are many ways to track ovulation. One of the easiest ways to track ovulation is using an ovulation predictor kit. They are available over the counter and are very inexpensive.

Women can also track their cycles by paying attention to their cervical mucus or by tracking their basal body temperature with a special thermometer. There are several ways for women to know if they are able to get pregnant, and you can always see a doctor to determine whether or not you are fertile.

How can a Woman know if she can get Pregnant, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
  • Jacksontaylor

    This article sounds uneducated cannot stand it when non medical people give their opinion! If someone is trying to get pregnant it is best to talk to a medical professional in case the person is on a medication which can harm a growing fetus! Plus herbals have side effects to such as prolonged bleeding and of the person has a clotting disorder this could get them in trouble!

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