How to get Pregnant if both Partners are Fixed






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One of the most effective forms of birth control is when both partners are fixed. However, there are ways that these procedures can be reversed if a couple decides that they want to have children.

However, the procedures that are used to reverse this are difficult and sometimes it is impossible to completely correct them. Both the man and the woman will need to have a medical procedure to reverse the sterilization process.

With a woman, this means that she will need to undergo a surgery that will reattach her fallopian tubes. The problem with this procedure is that it is possible that the tubes will become damaged in the process or not be long enough to reattach, making it impossible for the egg to travel through the tube.

One-of-the-most-effective-forms-of-birth-control-is-when-both-partners-are-fixedFor men, the success of a reversal depends on the link of time that has passed since the original vasectomy has taken place; the longer that it has been, the less likely that a reversal will be successful.

It typically takes about two or three hours to have this procedure and healing time takes about three weeks. A vasectomy reversal has been shown to lead to pregnancy 50% of the time if it has been completed within 10 years of the original vasectomy.

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