How to get Pregnant if your Tubes are Tied






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Having your tubes tied consists of severing the connection of your fallopian tubes so that the egg can no longer travel to where the sperm is. Because of this, it is highly effective in preventing pregnancy and women should be careful before selecting to have this procedure.

If you are looking to have the procedure reversed, you will need to go through a surgery to have it done. During this surgery, the fallopian tubes will need to be reattached so that the egg will be able to travel through them once more.

having-tubes-tied-is-highly-effective-in-preventing-pregnancyUnfortunately, these surgeries are not always successful at reversing the procedure. If the tube is not long enough, it may not be possible to attach them. It is also possible that the tubes could become damaged or blocked during the procedure as well.

Fertility treatments, such as IVF, are also an option, but they are expensive and many couples are not able to afford them. During this procedure, eggs will be fertilized outside of the body and placed into the cervix of the woman. It is probably that donor eggs will need to be used instead of the woman’s eggs as well. While many have used this in the past, it usually takes some time before it is successful.

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