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When a couple is trying to conceive, it is common for them to desire to become pregnant with one gender or the other. While there is no way to guarantee that a specific gender will be conceived, there are ways to increase the chances of having either a boy or a girl.

The important thing to understand is the lifestyle of sperm. Male sperm are faster than female sperm meaning that they will reach the egg first. However, they also do not live as long as female sperm, which can make a difference when it comes to conceiving a girl versus a boy. For this reason, those who are trying to become pregnant with a girl should have intercourse a few days before ovulation begins.

When-a-couple-is-trying-to-conceive-it-is-common-for-them-to-desire-to-become-pregnant-with-one-gender-or-the-otherCouples who are looking to conceive a boy should work to have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible. It is also important that they have intercourse that is deep. This will help put the sperm closer to the egg so that the male sperm will have a better chance of reaching the egg before the male sperm does.

There are also certain foods that can helpful in choosing the gender of a baby. For example, female sperm survive better in acidic environments. For this reason, eating foods that have high acid levels, like citrus foods, help to increase the chances that a girl will be conceived.

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