How to get Pregnant with Uterine Prolapse






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Typically, a uterine prolapse will not affect your fertility, especially if it is a mild case. However, in some situations, it can make it harder for a woman to conceive and may also cause issues when a pregnancy does occur. For this reason, it is best to discuss treatment options with your doctor.

There are a few different ways that a uterine prolapse can be treated. For some, a particular exercise is helpful. This exercise can help strengthen the ligaments that support the uterus and can encourage it to return to its normal location. However, this is usually only a temporary fix and further treatment is often necessary.

a-uterine-prolapse-will-not-affect-your-fertilityAnother option that women have is to have their doctor insert a pessary, which will hold the uterus in place where it is supposed to be. However, this is also a temporary item because there is a chance that the pessary will cause an infection if it is left in place for too long.

Finally, it may be necessary to have surgery if you have a uterine prolapse. This is often the best way to correct this situation and may help make it possible for women to become pregnant if the prolapse was preventing conception. After the uterus has been put back in the correct position, becoming pregnant may become much easier.

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