What Fertility pills cause Multiple births?






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When you are taking a fertility pill, you should keep in mind that your chances of having a multiple birth are already increased. While the chances are not increased significantly with most fertility pills, there is an increased chance.

The chances that a multiple birth will occur can vary depending on the pill that you are taking. For example, women who are taking Clomid have about a 7% chance of having twins compared to the 3% chance that is typical of pregnancies.

A couple of the other pills that can also increase the chances of a multiple birth are Parlodel and Humegon. They both have an impact on the hormones that affect how many eggs are released during ovulation. If more than one egg is released, there will be a greater chance that a woman will become pregnant with twins.

taking-a-fertility-pill-increased-your-chances-of-having-a-multiple-birthOf course, there are some other factors that can increase the chances that a woman who is taking fertility pills will become pregnant with twins. For example, if they run in her family, the chance of having a multiple birth may be greater than the 7%.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that you will have a multiple birth. Nor is there a way to prevent one from occurring. Sometimes, they simply rely on natural things to occur that increase the chances dramatically.

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