When to Have sex when Ovulating?






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In order to increase your chances of becoming pregnant, it is important that you have intercourse around the time that you are ovulating. If you are using and ovulation predictor kit to track ovulation, it will inform you 24 to 48 hours in advance so that you can have intercourse at this time.

However, it is best if you have sex every other day for a few days leading up to ovulation as well as a couple of days following ovulation. Sperm is able to survive for an extended period of time and by having intercourse in this manner, you will be increasing the number that will attempt to fertilize the egg.

it-is-important-that-you-have-intercourse-around-the-time-that-you-are-ovulatingKnowing your monthly cycle is important when you are trying to time sex around ovulation. You should make sure that you are using an accurate method of tracking it so that you can improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

A couple of the most popular methods are ovulation predictor kits and basal thermometers. Both of these devices are easy to use and accurate when tracking ovulation.

When to Have sex when Ovulating?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating