How does Chickenpox cause Infertility?






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Chickenpox is a common, relatively mild childhood virus that affects almost all kids at some point in their younger years. For children who contract the disease when they are kids, or who are vaccinated against the virus, chickenpox will probably not be a big deal.

However, when adults who were not exposed to the chickenpox virus as children contract the illness as adults, the condition can be much more dangerous. For men who contract chickenpox as adults, the fever associated with the illness can damage sperm count temporarily for as long as three months.

If chickenpox causes the testicles to become inflamed, a condition known as orchitis can result. This is when the testicles become inflamed, and sperm count can be drastically reduced as a result, sometimes even permanently.

when-adults-who-were-not-exposed-to-the-chickenpox-virus-as-children-contract-the-illness-as-adultsThis is why adults who have not experienced the chickenpox virus need to be careful about contracting the disease so that fertility is not permanently damaged. Your doctor can give you advice about your fertility whether you have been exposed to the chickenpox virus or not.

Keep in mind that contacting the chickenpox as an adult has it’s own health complications that can go far beyond just fertility issues, so talk it all over with your doctor.

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