How does Ureaplasma cause Infertility






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One of the most common things that is found when a couple is suffering from infertility is ureaplasma. This is a common bacterial infection that is found in many sexually active women and men. Since it doesn’t typically show very many issues with a person’s health, it is not often discussed and there is little emphasis placed on it.

However, this infection is a sexually transmitted infection that has been shown to cause female infertility and has even led to many other more serious infections as well. There is a test available to determine if it is present in the body and has shown to be one of the leading issues for women who are struggling to become pregnant.

One-of-the-most-common-things-that-is-found-when-a-couple-is-suffering-from-infertility-is-ureaplasmaThe most common symptom that women experience when they have ureaplasma is a burning sensation when they urinate. However, many women do not experience any symptoms and may not even know that it is present in their body.

Other symptoms of ureaplasma may be a constant need to urinate, itching, odor, burning or discharge from the vaginal area. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or are having trouble becoming pregnant, you should talk to your doctor about becoming tested for ureaplasma.

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