Research indicates that GMO could be a cause of Infertility






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One of the main concerns that people currently have with their food is the presence of GMOs. Studies have now shown that the presence of GMOs can cause infant mortality and may also cause fertility problems as well.

Unfortunately, GMOs can be found in a great number of foods that we eat on a regular basis even though research continues to show the great danger that lies in them. In fact, it is estimated that since the 1970s, the sperm counts that are found in men around the world have actually declined up to 50%.

presence-of-GMOs-can-cause-infant-mortality-and-may-also-cause-fertility-problemsMany countries are now beginning to ban GMOs, but many still allow them to be present in foods and to be fed to livestock. Research also shows that those who regularly consume GMOs will age faster, be sick more often and will have a difficult time becoming pregnant and carrying that pregnancy to term.

For this reason, it is important to avoid GMOs so that you can keep your health at its highest level. Even though GMOs affect the ability of a person becoming pregnant, there are also many other health concerns to consider as well. In the end, it is best to avoid GMOs altogether if at all possible.


Research indicates that GMO could be a cause of Infertility, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating