Will a Pregnant Test Work if I’m on the Pill?






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1. Pregnancy and The Pill

Many women who are on the pill worry about getting pregnant. Just because you take the pill, doesn’t mean that you cannot get pregnant. Forgetting to take just one pill can lead to a pregnancy. Sometimes, even taking your pill at a different time of the day can lead to getting pregnant.

Just-because-you-take-the-pill-doesnt-mean-that-you-cannot-get-pregnantThere are many women who, for one reason or another, end up getting pregnant while on the birth control pill. Women who are worried about getting pregnant on the pill are often also worried about taking a pregnancy test, and whether or not it will work properly, or if the results will be accurate.

2. Pregnancy Tests While On The Pill

The good news is, if you are on the pill and think that you could possibly be pregnant, you are able to get accurate results with a home pregnancy test. There is nothing in the birth control pill that could affect the results of a home pregnancy test.

you-are-able-to-get-accurate-results-with-a-home-pregnancy-test-even-if-you-are-taking-the-pillThe only thing that could potentially give you inaccurate results of taking a home pregnancy test is testing too early. If you take a home pregnancy test before your body has a chance to build up enough of the pregnancy hormone, the test will not be able to pick it up, and you will get a negative result even if you are actually pregnant.

That is why it is so very important to wait until at least the first day of your missed period to test. If you take a home pregnancy test, and you get a negative result, but you still think that you are pregnant, wait a few days and then test again.

3. What To Remember

It is important that if you think that you are pregnant while taking the pill, that you contact your doctor immediately. It can sometimes be harmful to continue the pill while you are pregnant, so you definitely need to make sure to stop taking the pill if you are in fact pregnant.

It-is-important-that-you-contact-your-doctor-immediately-if-you-think-that-you-are-pregnant-while-taking-the-pillIf you feel that you are not getting accurate results from a home pregnancy test, your doctor can do a blood test to help you determine for sure whether or not you are expecting. Then, your doctor can direct you on the best possible steps to take next, whether that be remaining on the pill if you are not pregnant, or stopping the pill and getting proper prenatal care if you are pregnant.

If you find yourself missing your birth control pills regularly, you should also talk to your doctor about finding a birth control option that does not require you to take a pill every day. There are many different options available, and your doctor can help you to find the right one for you.


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