How to get Pregnant with Unpredictable Periods






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One of the most important things that a woman needs to become pregnant is a regular ovulation cycle. While this is typically considered to coincide with a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle, this is not always the case. For a woman with periods that are unpredictable, it is first important for her to learn when she is ovulating.

A basal thermometer or an ovulation predictor kit is the best way to track ovulation. Knowing when a woman is ovulating will help her determine when is the best time to have intercourse. If after tracking your ovulation cycle, you find that you are not ovulating regularly, there are some things that you can do to help make it regular.

knowing-when-a-woman-is-ovulating-will-help-her-determine-when-is-the-best-time-to-have-intercourseFor example, there are many over the counter supplements that can be taken to regulate an ovulation cycle. These supplements are great options for women who are looking to have a natural item to take when they are trying to conceive.

Another option that you can rely on is fertility drugs that are prescribed by your doctor. There are many options, but one of the best is Clomid. This drug was made specifically for women who are struggling to have a regular ovulation cycle and most women start ovulating within the first three months.

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