Routine Blood Tests You Need During Pregnancy






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When you’re pregnant, doctor’s visits and blood tests become a way of life. There are usually so many different tests, you might not even know why you are getting them. Read on for a look at some of the most common pregnancy blood tests, and the purposes behind them.

Test #1: CBC

A CBC test, otherwise known as a complete blood count, is a very vital test during pregnancy. It is often one of the very first tests that is performed.


As the name suggests, the CBC is a test that looks at a variety of factors in your blood. It will test the red and white cell count of your blood, as well as the platelet count, hemoglobin count, and hemacrit levels.

Low hemoglobin or hemacrit levels can be a sign of anemia. Your platelet count is important to help your doctor know how well your blood will clot during labor.

Test #2: STD

An STD blood test, or sexually transmitted disease test, will test your blood for the presence of any sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Some sexually transmitted diseases can be passed onto the baby, so it is important to find out about them.


Besides transmitting the diseases themselves, there can be additional complications from STDs, including early delivery, eye infections (from gonorrhea and chlamydia), or much more severe consequences such as miscarriage or stillbirth (from syphilis). As you can see, this is a very important test to have during pregnancy.


Test #3: RH Factor

An RH factor test is an important test that moms to be need to have during pregnancy. Sometimes dads to be even need to have this test too. RH is a type of protein that is found on the surface of some red blood cells.


Around 85 percent of people have this protein present on their blood cells, and they are considered to be RH positive. However, the rest of the population does not have the protein, and are considered to be RH negative. If a baby’s mother is RH negative and the father is RH positive, there can be complications.

The baby’s blood could be RH positive, and then, the mother’s immune system could actually be confused into attacking the baby’s blood. If a woman has the RH factor, it is really not a big deal, there are simple vaccines to take care of any potential problems.

Test #4: Multiple Marker Screening

The multiple marker screening is another blood test that is done during pregnancy that can detect signs of neural tube defects like Down syndrome or Spina Bifida. These tests are usually considered to be between around 70 and 80 percent accurate.

multiple-marker-screening-is-another-blood-test-that-is-done-during-pregnancy-that-can-detect-signs-of-neural-tube-defects (2)

If you get an abnormal result from one of these blood tests, your doctor will probably order additional testing to help you be sure if there is a problem. These are four of the most common blood tests that pregnant women will receive. There are more blood tests that might be done if a certain issue is suspected or if your doctor thinks they are needed.

Routine Blood Tests You Need During Pregnancy, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Ms. Ledoux began her career as an ObGyn nurse practitioner prior to becoming a practicing midwife in the Santa Cruz community. Working together with ObGyn physicians in her own practice, she has over 20 years experience in women's health, pregnancy and childbirth.
  • katiebryner

    If your tubes are blocked can you ovulate???

    • Carriethompson You might want to check this information out to help you understand what goes on when your tubes are blocked. I also have the same issue. I ended up having my left removed due to it was badly damaged from cysts. They removed it and left me my right side tube and ovary. I still wanted to have more children at that point and was able to do so but had to take pills to help balance my hormones due to only have one tube and ovary my hormones where not working the way should. It is not easy to pregnant but you still can.. You just need to keep trying.

    • Maureen Stephens, RN

      Even if your tubes are blocked, you can still ovulate for ovulation is a function of the ovaries. What prevents conception in the case of blocked tubes is that the mature egg released by the ovary cannot travel down the tube to be fertilized.

  • Guest

    I had just seen my doctor this week and she told me I am go and my tubes are no longer blocked. So I placed my order and now lets see what happens next!! I hope a baby will!!

    • Lajetta4god

      how did yor tubes become unblocked

  • Ember1975

    I really did not think this stuff would work for me years I had issues with my tubes being blocked I went to my OB and had my  lap surgery done and Now I am pregnant with first child. I started the pills soon after surgery and it worked!!