Instagram and Facebook Spark Craze for Photo Pregnancy Announcements






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Social media has greatly transformed the way that we live our lives. There is little that is not posted on Instagram and Facebook and these sites have given people the power to share special lifetime moments with their friends and family. Along with the ability to share our happy moments with others, there have been an increase in the interesting ways that people have chosen to share them.

1. Popular Ways to Share the News

There are a number of ways that couples choose to share their happy news with the world of social media and some of them are cute and creative. Below are some of the most popular trends that can be seen as you surf your social media pages.

The Pregnancy Stick

Many couples have found creative ways to show their results by taking pictures of their pregnancy test results. Some may find it cute to just take a picture of the positive results, but others have posed with the stick in creative manners, such as the male partner passed out on the floor holding the pregnancy test and the mom to be smiling in the background.


The Pets

For those who do not have human kids yet, but are happy pet parents, there are very creative ways that they find to have their pets announce the news. Some parents to be make shirts for their pets that say big brother/sister and others simply make a sign to sit in front of their favorite animals that say they are going to be a big brother/sister.


The Kids

If you have kids already, there are a number of ways that you can create cute pictures to announce your new arrival. One popular method is to take a picture of your little one wearing a big brother/ big sister shirt.


Others have made custom signs showcasing the achievements of their kids, one of which is becoming a big brother/sister. One adorable picture shows an older sibling holding a chalkboard showing the number 1 written on it and the mother holding a matching number 2 chalkboard in front of her stomach.


Another very cute picture to take, deals with a picture of shoes. Parents will typically take a picture of a pair of the dad’s shoes, next to the mom’s shoes and a pair of baby shoes next to them. There is usually a cute message that is accompanied with the picture as well, which usually involves the family growing by two feet.


Funny Pictures

Humor can also be placed in these pictures as well. For example, a couple may pose in front of an oven with a bun in it. One creative couple took a picture where the husband held two bags of ice in front of him and the wife held her hands shaped in a heart over her stomach; the message being ‘Ice Ice Baby’.


Revealing Gender

Some parents choose to wait until they have discovered the gender of their child before they release the information to the world and there are also a number of creative ways that this can be completed as well. From showing ultrasound photos to eating special colored cake, couples have discovered many ways to share the gender of their baby with the world.


Custom Shirts

Another popular trend is making custom t-shirts that announce the coming of their future child. Typically, they are worn by the mother and have a ‘coming soon’ message as well as the baby’s due date as well.


2. Conclusion

In an age where social media has taken over everything, it is no surprise that couples have taken to Instagram and Facebook to share the news that they are pregnant with the world. While there are many mixed emotions on this topic and many people believe that it is best kept somewhere else, the creative ideas that future parents have discovered to share their news cannot be ignored.

Celebrities and regular people have all found this trend to be fun and exciting and it appears that it will be here to stay; at least until the next craze take effect. Until that day arrives, we will continue to be amazed at the creative ways that parents have come up with to show their excitement to their family, friends and anyone else who might happen across their Facebook or Instagram page.

Dr. Karen Leham is double board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Reproductive Endocronology and Infertility. Dr. Leham completed her residency at Loyola University, followed by a fellowship at UCLA.