Braxton Hick’s Contractions on Fetal Monitor






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Braxton hick’s contractions are a normal occurrence for women when they are pregnant. Sometimes, they can be deceiving enough to make the woman believe that she is truly in labor. However, they are simply false contractions and have little to do with actual labor. In fact, women can begin feeling them very early in their pregnancy.

When a woman is having Braxton hick’s contractions, it is possible for them to show up on a fetal monitor. However, they will be quite different than true labor contractions. When a woman is having contractions, they will appear very regular on the monitor. The will also slowly become closer together as time passes.

When-a-woman-is-having-Braxton-hicks-contractions-it-is-possible-for-them-to-show-up-on-a-fetal-monitorHowever, with Braxton hick’s contractions, they will be more sporadic and will not show an even pattern on the monitor. Instead, they will show more erratic patterns. It is also likely that they will not change in intensity or grow closer together either.

If you are having contractions, it is always best to talk to your doctor. There is a chance that they will be false contractions or Braxton hicks, but it can be difficult to tell at times. Your doctor will be able to determine if you are truly in labor or not when you are having contractions.

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