Lochia Blood Clots After C-Section






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After having a c section, a woman’s body will go through many healing processes. Many of these are very different from what is experience with a natural delivery, but some of them are similar. One item that both a c section delivery and a natural delivery have in common is lochia blood discharge.

This discharge occurs after giving birth in response to the healing of the body after delivery. Much of this bleeding occurs as the body is healing from where the placenta attached to the uterine lining. This discharge is very similar to that of a normal menstrual period, but will last much longer.

One-item-that-both-a-c-section-delivery-and-a-natural-delivery-have-in-common-is-lochia-blood-dischargeIt is heavier at the beginning and will remain heavy for around three to four days. However, after this point, the bleeding should begin to taper off significantly. After two or three weeks, most women experience the bleeding stopping, although it is possible for it to continue up to six weeks.

Small clotting is normal after having a c section. These clots could be up to the size of a plum. However, for larger clots or bleeding that doesn’t stop after you stop to rest, you should contact your doctor. This will allow you to remain healthy after giving birth and to heal properly.

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