Quick Tips for Losing Postpartum Weight






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If you have just given birth, chances are your body does not look the same as it did before you got pregnant. Our bodies go through many changes while we are pregnant and many of these changes can hang around long after we have given birth. One of these areas that women struggle with is postpartum weight.

This added weight that tends to collect around our middles can be unsightly and embarrassing. Many women struggle to rid their body of it for many years without success. If you are struggling to get rid of this postpartum weight, you are looking for effective ways to do so and need things that will provide the results that you can actually see.

1. Watch your diet

The first thing that you need to do is to watch your diet. It is just as important to eat healthy after you have your baby as it was during your pregnancy. This is one of the best ways to help your body heal after the childbirth process and to get rid of those stubborn pounds around your stomach.

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Try eating things like fruits and vegetables and be sure to drink lots of water to rid your body of toxins that may be lingering. Although your life is now a bit more hectic with a newborn to feed and care for, you should also be certain that you take care of yourself as well.

One trick is to prepare snacks ahead of time and to eat while your baby is eating. You can do this by cutting up fruit and leaving it in air tight bowls so that it is ready for you when you need it.

2. Exercise

The next thing that you should focus on is exercise. This is an important area when getting rid of postpartum weight, but it is important to keep things simple when you are choosing exercises. More than likely, you will not have a lot of time to devote to working out, at least all at once.


Focus on exercises that are short or ones that you can do with your baby, such as jogging or walking. There are many exercises that you will be able to find online that have been proven to be successful by the many women who have tried them in the past.

The key is to stick with them. You will not be able to lose the weight based upon diet alone and regardless of the exercise that you choose, you need to be consistent and do them regularly.

Be sure to choose times each day when you can safely do each exercise. If you are working and have the opportunity, you may be able to drop your baby off early at daycare and get in a short workout session before work.


This also works well after you get off work and before you pick up your baby. Or you can have your partner watch your baby for a while so that you can work out. If these methods are not available, you should work out when your baby is sleeping or resting in a nearby swing or bouncer.

Even though you will find yourself very busy during this exciting time in your life, it is important that you make time to exercise and take care of your body as you should. Developing a routine early on is the best way to make sure that you and your baby stick to a schedule and are able to perform everything that you need to around the house while still eating right, exercising and taking care of your baby.

3. Join a class or find a workout buddy

If you have been struggling for some time to lose the postpartum weight, you may also find it beneficial to join a class or find a workout buddy in order to keep you motivated. Sometimes the added push of another person relying on us is all that we need to keep our motivation up and the pounds dropping off.


4. Keep your baby safe while you are exercising

Finally, be sure that you keep your baby safe while you are exercising. Never leave your baby somewhere that they have the potential of falling off or getting injured by gym equipment.

It is best to have your baby safely secured in a proper baby safety device such as a stroller, crib or swing before beginning your exercise. Taking care of your body is an important part of getting back to normal after having a baby.


You should begin this process immediately and should not sacrifice your own well-being for your baby. Although your main attention will naturally be focused on your baby, it is still possible to eat right and exercise while you are learning how to become the perfect parent.

Ms. Belanger has 20 years of experience in women's healthcare and nursing, including labor and delivery, postpartum and antenatal. She is passionate toward improving both maternal and fetal outcomes of high-risk obstetrics patients.