Amniocentesis Paternity Test while Pregnant






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Although amniocentesis is something that is typically used to look for certain disorders in a baby, there are other items that it can be used to look for as well. For example, not only can this test determine the gender of a baby, but it can determine paternity as well.

The reason that this is successful is because of the way that the test is administered. Doctors will use an ultrasound machine to insert a needle into the amniotic sac of the pregnant woman. At this point, amniotic fluid will be removed so that testing can occur.

Some-have-also-had-a-miscarriage-after-having-the-procedure-completedWhen the amniotic fluid is removed, DNA is also taken from the baby. This is the item that is used for the testing process and can tell doctors quite a bit about the baby. However, unless the test is completely necessary, it is usually best to wait until after the baby is born to test for paternity.

Although the risks are somewhat small, there are some concerns that the mother should be aware of. For example, it is possible that the amniotic fluid will begin to leak because of the procedure, which can injure the baby. Some have also had a miscarriage after having the procedure completed.

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