Birth Defect Associated with Errors in Neurulation






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When a defect occurs during the neurulation procedure, a neural tube defect will occur. They are most likely to occur in the anterior or posterior neuropores because they are the last to close. There are a couple of classifications when it comes to these types of defects; open and closed.

An open defect means that cerebrospinal fluid leakage has exposed neural tissue. They are associated with the entire CNS and can include associated hydrocephalus or Chiari II malformation. With a closed defect, the defect is confined to the spine and are localized. The brain is usually not affected with this type of default.

These defects can surface in a number of different ways. When a cranial presentation surfaces, one can expect one of the following defects; craniorachischisis totalis, anencephaly, congential dermal sinus and encephalocele.

When-a-defect-occurs-during-the-neurulation-procedure-a-neural-tube-defect-will-occurFor spinal presentation, the following may surface; split-cord malformations, caudal agenesis, meningocele, spina bifida aperta, myelomeningocele, diplomyelia, and lipomatous malformations.

If any of these defects are noted, your doctor will be able to assess the situation and discuss treatment options with you. During this time, you should make sure that you understand the defect and what can be done to correct it properly.

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