Bleeding External Hemorrhoids While Pregnant






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Hemorrhoids are something that many women complain of when they are pregnant. They are caused when the uterus begins growing and irritating the varicose veins and causing them to swell. This swelling can cause hemorrhoids to appear that have protruded through the anus.

External hemorrhoids are fairly painful and can actually bleed from time to time, especially after a bowel movement. It is also possible for them to bleed from time to time. While these can usually be treated with a medicated topical ointment, this is not always preferable to women who are pregnant.

External-hemorrhoids-are-fairly-painful-and-can-actually-bleed-from-time-to-timeInstead, it is best to treat the symptoms with some at home treatments. Always keep hemorrhoids clean and dry. You should also avoid rubbing them or using toilet tissue because this can cause them to bleed more and become even more irritated. Instead, use a clean damp cloth to gently clean them after each bowel movement.

To help relieve the pain, cold packs are very helpful. There are also a couple of home remedies that you can use, but make sure you discuss them with your doctor first. Witch hazel and aloe vera can both be put on the affected area to help relieve pain and swelling. They have even been shown effective at helping remove the hemorrhoids as well.

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