Ectopic Pregnancy vs Round Ligament Pain






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An ectopic pregnancy is dangerous for a woman because it can lead to excessive internal bleeding. To correct this issue, surgery will be needed and the embryo will be removed. One of the most common symptoms that a woman has when she has an ectopic pregnancy is a great deal of pain in her abdomen. This pain is usually situated on one side of the abdomen.

This pain is the one thing that an ectopic pregnancy and round ligament pain have in common. Round ligament pain is something that is common in a pregnancy. It occurs when the muscles are stretching and growing due to the pregnancy.

Round-ligament-pain-is-something-that-is-common-in-a-pregnancyWith round ligament pain, most women notice it after stretching, changing positions or sneezing. After the woman adjusts her position the pain will usually go away. However, it is possible for it to return at a later time as well.

Many times, women with an ectopic pregnancy will experience pain in this same area. However, the pain is usually more intense and does not go away if the woman changes positions. It can also be something that is accompanied by heavy bleeding or fainting as well. If you are experiencing these type of symptoms, it is best to go to the hospital immediately.

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