Fraternal Twins That Look Nothing Alike






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When one thinks of twins, it is common to think that they will look exactly alike. Many believe that twins will be the same height, have the same type of hair, and resemble each other closely with their facial features. However, this is not always the case. In fact, many twins look nothing alike.

Twins that do not look alike is common, especially in fraternal twins. With this type of pregnancy, two eggs are fertilized instead of one. These babies will develop on their own and will have their own characteristics. For this reason it is possible for them to look completely different.

Twins-that-do-not-look-alike-is-common-especially-in-fraternal-twinsOne thing that is common with fraternal twins is that one baby will look more like the mother and the other will look more like the father. Some babies who are born to multi-racial families may even appear that they are two separate races.

With identical twins, it is much harder for them to look differently. This is because one egg becomes fertilized and actually splits in two. Because of this, identical twins share much of the same development patterns. They will more than likely look alike and share many of the same characteristics. However, even identical twins can look differently.

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