High HCG Levels in Early Pregnancy and Down Syndrome






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There are many screening tests that women can undergo while they are pregnant in order to learn if their baby has a chance of being diagnosed with Down syndrome. One of the most common tests revolves around blood markers that are in the body.

When a blood test is ran, a couple of things will be examined. First, doctors will look at the free beta hCG levels. Also, the PAPP-A or Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein-A will be reviewed. Both of these items will be useful when doctors are looking to determine if Down syndrome is present.

It-is-common-for-the-free-beta-hCG-levels-to-be-higher-than-normal-when-a-baby-has-Down-syndromeIt is common for the free beta hCG levels to be higher than normal when a baby has Down syndrome. On the other hand, PAPP-A levels will tend to be lower than normal. Keep in mind that if this is the case, this does not necessarily mean that the baby definitely has Down syndrome.

Instead, this means that the baby has a greater chance than normal of having Down syndrome. More testing will be needed if the doctors are looking to determine if the baby has Down syndrome. Knowing if the baby is at risk of having Down syndrome can be helpful for parents and doctors while they are planning the future for the baby.

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