Induced Labor Due to Polyhydramnios






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When a woman has an excessive amount of amniotic fluid, this condition is referred to as polyhydramnios. When this is present, there are also some chances that risks to the pregnancy risks will develop. Women with this condition are more likely to give birth prematurely or to develop other issues, such as fetal anomalies or placental abruption.

When the uterine size is large, it is believed that this can cause this condition. To determine if this is the case, doctors will use some medical procedures, like an ultrasound to measure the uterine size. Treatment options are available for women with polyhydramnios.

Treatment-options-are-available-for-women-with-polyhydramniosOne option that women may have if the baby or themselves is in danger is being induced. This will cause them to go into labor quickly so that the baby can be delivered sooner. However, this is not always necessary and doctors may choose other types of treatment options.

It is possible for the condition to disappear on its own, if the case is minor. Some women, however, need to have some of the amniotic fluid drained in order to keep the baby safe. Those with more serious types of this condition may need to deliver the baby through a c-section immediately.


Induced Labor Due to Polyhydramnios, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating