Keeping Episiotomy Stitches Clean






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An episiotomy is a procedure that is common during the delivery process. A small incision is made in the area between the vaginal and anal openings. This is completed to make sure that the baby has enough room to be delivered. One benefit with this procedure is that it can help prevent the vagina from tearing during delivery, which can be difficult to stitch.

Caring for an episiotomy after the baby is delivered is important because this can help to ensure that it will heal properly and quickly. The first thing that you should do is to keep the area clean. This will help the area heal faster and will keep it from becoming infected.To-reduce-the-swelling-that-usually-accompanies-an-episiotomy-use-a-sitz-bath-regularlyTo help reduce the swelling that usually accompanies an episiotomy, use a sitz bath regularly. This is a small bath that is placed on the top of the toilet. Warm water is placed in this bath which will help to promote healing by increasing blood flow to the vaginal region. It can also help to reduce swelling.

Ointments are also available to help with the healing process and to relieve swelling. Many women may find that their doctor will prescribe a specific prescription ointment for this process. Witch hazel pads are also helpful when treating an episiotomy and can be used along with prescription ointments.

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