Pregnancy Risk after Endometrial Ablation






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When a woman is experiencing heavy bleeding, it is possible that a procedure called an endometrial ablation will be performed to help eliminate the heavy bleeding. During this procedure, the endometrial layer of the woman’s uterus is destroyed.

Most women who have this procedure are unable to conceive after having it. There is a small number of women who are able to conceive after this procedure, but the chances are very small. When a woman does become pregnant after having this procedure, there is also a greater chance that she will have a miscarriage.

endometrial-ablation-will-be-performed-to-help-eliminate-the-heavy-bleedingAlong with an increased chance of miscarriage, there is also a greater chance that there will be other issues with the pregnancy or the baby as well. For the most part, women who have this procedure are advised against trying to conceive. If a pregnancy does occur, it is important that the woman talks to her doctor immediately.

Since the pregnancy is extremely risky, it is usually advised that the pregnancy is terminated. This will be the best option for the mother due to the risk to her health and the baby’s. For best results, talk to your doctor about ways that you can prevent a pregnancy after having an endometrial ablation.

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