New Mom Didn’t Even Know She Was Pregnant






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Preparing for the birth of a baby can be an exciting time in a young mother’s life, but for one new mother, she never had the chance to do so. When Josephine Anglin visited the emergency room with severe back pain, she never would have imagined that she was pregnant.

However, this is just what happened at 5 am the next morning. The new parents were shocked when they found out that she was pregnant the night before she gave birth. The couple says that they were dumbfounded when the results came in.

1. How did they find out?

When Josephine entered the hospital, she was first given muscle relaxers to treat the pain that she was experiencing in her back. However, in order to find the cause of her bizarre pain, urine and blood samples were ordered as well. When they tested her urine sample, it was found that she was pregnant.


Emergency workers quickly ran an ultrasound to confirm the results and were surprised to find that not only was she pregnant, but she was full term and dilating. Later, an 8 pound 14 ounce little girl was born. She did have a little bit of fluid on her lungs and was therefore put on an IV and antibiotics to control the issue.

The happy parents named her Nevaeh, which is Heaven spelled backwards. They were able to bring their surprise bundle home five days after her mother first visited the emergency room. The baby was doing well and was feeding and breathing just fine.

2. Who did they call?

Josephine’s mother thought that it was a joke when her daughter called her from the hospital. When her daughter called her from the hospital and told her the news, she assumed that she was getting ready for no reason. However, as she drove to the hospital she realized that it must be real because her daughter had not ended the prank yet.


Josephine’s mother was the only one that ever even noticed anything different. Just a few weeks prior to her daughter giving birth, she had informed her daughter that she looked pregnant. Josephine denied the remark and life went on as usual.

3. Didn’t she have symptoms?

Although she had gained some weight, Josephine had decided that this was due to eating too much junk food at her job as a cashier for a hardware store. Also, her fiancé is a chef and he had been cooking more at home lately.


She also had not had her period since she had become pregnant, but thought this had to do with the level of stress that she had been under lately. She had just recently moved in with her fiancé and was also dealing with stress from work and school. For this reason she ignored any minor sign that she was pregnant.

According to Josephine, she failed to have any normal pregnancy symptoms, such as food cravings or morning sickness. She ate the things that she wanted and even wore the same clothes throughout her pregnancy.

4. Are they excited?

The couple is extremely excited and is falling into the roles of parents quite naturally, according to her mother. They had always planned to have children, but had never imagined that it would happen in a manner such as this.


It is safe to say that the couple got a quick crash course in becoming parents over the course of the next few weeks when they first brought their baby home. However, they had a very happy grandmother around to give them a hand. The entire family is doing well and is very happy with their new addition.

5. Conclusion

This just goes to show you that you should never ignore the signs that your body is giving you. If you think that something is off, you should go see your doctor. Routine checkups are also extremely important and you should see your doctor if there are any changes in your regular menstrual cycle.


Although it may seem a bit bizarre that this woman spent an entire nine months pregnant without knowing it, many women have different pregnancies. Since every pregnancy is different, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact things that a woman will experience throughout the nine months, so it becomes difficult for those who were not trying to become pregnant to see the signs at times.

Ms. Wisniewski has over 15 years experience as a labor and delivery nurse, having also worked previously as a nurse midwife in the Philippines and India. She enjoys empowering women and providing family centered care to women from all cultural and educational backgrounds.