How to Make my Toddler stop Biting






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Many toddlers bite, but it is important that parents take the time needed to help them stop the habit. The first thing that you should do is to get eye to eye with them and tell them sternly that biting is not allowed.

Many times, toddlers bite because they are teething, but sometimes it is out of anger instead. For teething purposes, make sure that your toddler has something to chew on. For children who bite out of anger, you should sit them in time out so that they can calm down and think about their emotions.

toddlers-bite-because-they-are-teething-but-sometimes-it-is-out-of-angerAfter the time out session, have your toddler apologize to the person that they bit so that they know that biting is not acceptable. When your child does not bite and displays good behavior instead, make sure that you praise them for their good behavior. This can help them to know what acceptable behavior is so that they continue on the right path.

When a child bites, you should never ignore the situation. Always confront them immediately so that they understand that you are not pleased with their behavior. Also, make sure that you take time to comfort the person who was bitten and care for the bite wound as well.

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